In this blog post I suggest a current intrinsic value of $75 for one barrel of WTI oil. The value is derived from Hotelling's rule about resource extraction

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Value Investing Vs. Momentum Investing

As many of you guys might know, I’ve been looking into quantitative investing recently. While Warren Buffett and conventional value investing is my background, I find it very fascinating with that concept that you can completely systematize your stock investing process and still be beating the market. I haven’t taken the leap, and therefore I [...]

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Measuring Portfolio Performance: The Sharp Ratio and Sortino Ratio for Value Investors

Whenever we hear about great investors, like Warren Buffett and Ray Dalio, we usually measure their accomplishments by their net worth and returns. The latter is often good for a discussion between investors. I’m a simple investor and my strategy is not to use leverage, derivatives, or any of the shenanigans, rather I simply buy [...]

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As a value investor I’ve learned to first look at sectors that are widely unpopular, and recently, oil has earned that title. Since the beginning of 2013, where a barrel of WTI traded at $93, the price is now cut in half, and it inevitable raises the question: Is this the time to invest in [...]

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I love the Efficient Market Hypothesis – and so should you!

In my previous blog post I wrote about why the efficient market hypothesis is wrong. In this blog post I’m going to tell you why this common misperception is the best thing that ever happened to the individual investor whether he is brand new to investing or have years or experienced. First however, let me [...]

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Let’s begin this blog post by looking back one decade. I was sitting at the local university listening to my professor teaching me about the stock market: “And as you can all see – the stock market is unbeatable…” For a long time I thoroughly believed him. Why wouldn’t I? My professor was a really [...]

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Why I Invest in Stocks

I’ll admit it right away. I love stocks. While I teach economics, finance, and accounting that covers a wide range of different topics, I somehow always find a reason to talk specifically about stock investing. When I get back from work my focus is on my podcast, a podcast that is again about stock investing! [...]

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