From $0 to more than $70 Billion, the world's greatest investor Warren Buffett has never been shy to tell the public how he has built his fortune. 

Trailing in his footsteps Stig has spent countless hours researching his succes and here is the result: An complete course consisting of 3 educational investing books for investors on all levels. You don't want to miss this book course that has sold more than 30,000 copies.

Warren Buffett Accounting Book

How does Warren Buffett calculate the value of a stock? Stig's intermediate investing book, provides you with simple formulas and explanations of how to master the art of valuation and accounting. The Warren Buffett Accounting Book is an international bestseller and has ranked #1 across four different business and finance catagories on Amazon. 

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The Intelligent Investor - 100 Page Summary

First published in 1949, The Intelligent Investor by Warren Buffett's professor Benjamin Graham at Columbia Busines School, is the most sold value investing book in history. According to Warren Buffett reading the book was the best career decision he ever made. In this summary Stig has analyzed every single chapter in detail, and is given you the key take-aways and actionable strategies that the intermediate/advanced investor can apply today. 

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Security Analysis - 100 Page Summary

This is Stig's guide to the most advanced and sophisticated investors. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 (Black Thursday) almost wiped out Graham and inspired to search for a more conservative, safer way to invest. Security Analysis is the result, and is by investing experts considered to be the most important and extensive investment book ever written with more than its 700 pages. It was Warren Buffett text book when he was a master student of Graham in 1951. Fun fact: Buffett was the only student to get an A+ in his investment classes - ever!

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